Hydraulic Electric Pump (PE1525)

PE15 / PE25 hydraulic electric pump is a two stage electric pump with manual valve. It  provide you constant performance and fast speed to operate lifting equipment. (Reservoir Capacity: 55 litres / Oil Flow: 1.6-2.2 l/min)

Product Details


Electric pump motor with light weight aluminum housing, and integrated heat sink for easy cooling.
Two-speed design reduces cycle times for improved productivity.
Built-in safety valve to prevent overloading.
Externally adjustable relief valve allows control of operating pressure without opening the pump.
Oil tank cooler is optional, it could support pump long duration Sustained working.
Different flow control valve is avalilable to fit sepcial working requiement.
Compact, lightweight and durable aluminium frame protect the pump.
Suited to power medium size (double-acting & single-acting) cylinders or hydraulic tools.
Protection circuit is designed to avoid current overload, prevent the damage to pump motor.