Warranty Policy

Hydraulic torque wrenches and Hydraulic hexagon torque wrench, hydraulic cylinder, manufactured by Ningbo SAIVS Machinery Co., Ltd. and branded with the Ningbo SAIVS Machinery Co., Ltd. Name ( SAIVS) are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months after date of delivery to the first user. The SAIVS branded hydraulic pump is 12 months from date of shipment to the customer.

Such extended warranties shall only be valid if in writing and signed by an office of SAIVS.

All products under the SAIVS warranty, we will send the spare parts and offer tech support for free when there is a machine fault, except hydraulic pump. If the hydraulic pump fault, contact our distributors nearest you, or contact us directly, we will show you the detailed information to be replaced or repaired at no charge. All repair work is warranted for 90 days from the date the product is returned to the customer.

This warranty shall not apply to general maintenance items such as lubricants and oil changes or to service items such as normal wear items, this warranty is void user buy new parts for replacing from other company, we wont take any legal responsibility when theres any tech problem or machine fault, meanwhile we will stop the warranty.

The owner is responsible for proper maintenance of the products. SAIVS cannot accept the responsibility for the results of using tools incorrectly or using tools which have been improperly repaired or maintained, which in SAIVS sole judgment have been altered, damaged, misused, abused, badly worn, lost or improperly maintained.

SAIVS reserves the right to make changes in design, appearance and construction of any and all products listed herein without incurring any obligation in making such changes in products previously sold or transferred.